Corporate Share Draft Processing - Quality with Exceptional Value

Alloya's Corporate Share Draft (CSD) processing service offers a cost-effective alternative to third-party providers of official check and money order programs.

Consider the following key benefits of using Alloya:

bullet Exceptional Value. The program has low per-item fees and no maintenance charges. Balances on unpaid drafts earn interest at your Hi-Yield account rate until the drafts are paid.
bullet Easy to Use. Daily activity automatically settles through your Hi-Yield account. Multiple draft accounts are available for individual branches and/or departments with separate reporting available. Stop payment orders are accepted through EDGE On-line or by telephone. There are no daily issuance reporting or mandatory settlement routines.
bullet On-line Reporting. EDGE On-line provides on-line access to various reports and query options that aid in managing your CSD activity. View your daily account activity on-line. To simplify research and help prevent fraud, images of paid items are accessible through EDGE On-line for seven years.
bullet Auto Reconciliation. Reduce your time spent balancing and reconciling your corporate draft account by uploading your issuance activity into EDGE On-line where it is automatically compared to the items processed by Alloya. Auto Reconciliation creates various reports that allow you to quickly identify and resolve exception items.

For more information, please contact your Senior Business Consultant at (888) 236-2677 or solutions@alloyacorp.org.